8 Plan a Romantic Getaway for your Lady

The daily hustle bustle of our life tends to diminish the romantic time we spend with our loved ones/ partners. Surprise your lady with a romantic getaway and add a zing to your love life. Before you start dreaming of rose petals and candlelit dinners, you must remember to be practical while planning something like a surprise romantic getaway.

Taking a break from daily life can be very relaxing and can also improve your relationship. But for that you have to be quite witty to make everything fall in place. So, here’s how you can successfully plan a surprise for your lady and spend some romantic “we time” with each other:

Choose appropriate dates:

Make sure the date you’re choosing is right for both of you since you’ll be traveling as a couple. Make sure your partner does not plan for something else during that period of time.

Budget comes next:

Budgeting is very important while you plan a getaway. Not only money but also need to calculate the duration of your trip. You can make your lady go head over heels without spending a fortune. So plan your finances accordingly. Take in account the resorts you’ll be staying in, the travelling expenses, etc.

Choose a special destination:

Choose a destination that will make your lady remember it forever. Destinations like Mont Tremblant are very popular and are ideal for romantic getaways. Consider your partners preferences and choose accordingly. If your partner loves serenity, staying at a B&B would be a good choice. If she loves larger accommodation with all kinds of amenities, luxury hotels and resorts will be ideal. You even need to take in account the time you’ll require to reach the destination. Traveling too long will make both of you grumpy and you’ll waste a lot of time.

Add some extra romantic touches:

Some extra touches, like you did on your honeymoon, will make your lady feel special and she will really appreciate it. Ask the B&B or resort to decorate your room specially and arrange for welcome drinks along with some gift, book a special table at the restaurant or find out some really picturesque spot to walk hand in hand. All hotels and resorts, including Mont Tremblant resorts have special services to make your stay memorable.

Even if you’re not the romantic kind, never be shy being a little mushy with your partner since she’ll appreciate your efforts to make the trip special. It won’t be very often that you can go away from everyone and everything to spend time with each other. If you’ve finally made it possible live each moment and make the most out of it.

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