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Dogsledding and Sleigh Rides

image-dummy The romantic way to travel. Explore the Mont Tremblant area's forests either as a passenger or a driver of your two person sled. The Mont Tremblant region has many excellent operators so whether you just want a quick mush or a full on expedition, you will be able to find the perfect excursion for you.Alternatively, sit back, relax and cosy up under blankets in a horse-drawn sleigh.


image-dummy The first snowmobile was invented in Quebec by Bombardier and it remains an important part of Quebec life. The trail network covers over 30,000 kms (you don't have to travel all of it!) and is among the most extensive in the world. The Mont Tremblant region has a number of fine operators who will take care of you whether you want a quick thrill or a multi-day adventure. Blueberry Lake connects directly to the trails so you can drive your Sled directly to your door.

Snow Tubing

image-dummy An upgrade from the humble toboggan, snow tubing is fun for all the family. Perfect for a day trip or an evening out, rope lifts will pull you to the top (no more tramping up hills pulling sleds and kids!) and then just let gravity do the rest.Of course, if tobogganing is your thing, you are in the mountains so you won't have to spend long looking for a hill!

Cross-country Skating

image-dummy The whole of the Mont Tremblant region is covered with cross-country trails. BLUEBERRY LAKE ITSELF HAS 15 KM OF TRAILS FOR BEGINNERS AND EXPERTS ALIKE AND FREE EQUIPMENT HIRE. The Petit Train du Nord which used to be the main trainline between Montreal and Mont Tremblant has been converted to a multi-activity trail with biking in the summer and cross-country skiing in the winter. Mont Tremblant National Park is another great option with hundreds of kilometres of trails and Domaine St Bernard is a favourite destination for many. These are just some of the multitude of options you will have in the Mont Tremblant region if you prefer your skiing Nordic style.


image-dummyCross-country skiing is great exercise and is easy to learn, but it does take a little expertise. If you just want to hit the trails and explore the beauty of the Mont Tremblant area, there's no easier way than strapping on a pair of snowshoes. Snowshoes can also take you places that cross-country skis can't – think back country skiing so you can find your own part of Mont Tremblant and soak in the peace and quiet. Snow-Shoeing is available at Blueberry Lake with Free equipment hire.

Nordic Spas

image-dummy The Mont Tremblant region is home to one of the highest concentrations of Nordic spas in the world. First brought to the Mont Tremblant region by the Spa Scandinave , Nordic Spas have flourished and are a major draw for many visitors to the Mont Tremblant region. Stimulate and cleanse your body and mind with a cycle of hot baths and invigorating cold plunges, then melt away with a relaxing massage while sucking in the pure mountain air. It's the perfect reward for a day's skiing, snowshoeing (or just shopping!). Blueberry Lake has its own SPA with thermal bath, sauna and massage services on site.


image-dummyAs soon as the weather gets cold enough, the tennis courts are home to our rink complete with boards, hockey goals and floodlights! Watch your prodigies compete in their own Winter Classic!