Misconceptions about cottage rentals

July 22nd, 2015

Planning a log trip this winter? Try winter cottage rentals instead of staying in a hotel. It would be a different and unique experience altogether. There are different misconceptions surrounding cottage rentals, but in reality staying in a winter cottage rentals would not only be cheaper than staying in hotels but it is much more comfortable and truly feels like a home away from home. In fact, if you are planning to visit Ontario, you should definitely opt for winter cottage rentals Ontario since this beautiful place is one of the most popular rental cottage destinations in the whole of Canada. And as far as the misconceptions regarding cottage rentals go, given below are the truths:

Misconception 1 – the cottages would not look like the pictures

Face it; do the hotels in reality look like the pictures they post on the Internet? Yes the real cottages would not exactly look like the pictures but the reviews of people would be helpful in deciding whether you would like to rent a cottage or not.

Misconception 2 – the cottages are in the middle of nowhere

You would get winter cottage rentals in rustic places, like in the middle of woods, beside a flowing river that is away from the hustle of the main town, but you would also get a winter cottage rental in between town. All you would have to do is look in the right places for the right kind of cottage.

Misconception 3 – cottages can only be rented for long terms

This is the biggest misconception people have. The fact is that winter cottage rentals Ontario is available for both long as well as short terms.

Misconception 4 – a cottage would not be able to accommodate the group

Whether you are traveling with a small group or a large one, you would surely find a cottage rental that would be fit for your space requirements. You might have to look a little but you would surely find one. The best thing about cottage rentals is that you can stay as per your own rules and enjoy the tranquility and peace that would not be present in a hotel. With all the benefits and the facts about cottages given above, why would you choose to stay in a hotel in Ontario instead of renting a winter cottage? Just try it once and you would know the difference for your self.

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The Goodness Of a Spa Retreat

July 22nd, 2015

With the increase is people traveling, the need for varied kinds of hotels and resorts have increased as well. The new age tourists demand more than just a room for staying and a restaurant for food. The demand for more of a retreat than a hotel is what has brought forward the concept of spa resorts. A spa resort is nothing but a place where you can retreat from the daily hustle and bustle of life to get refreshed as well as rejuvenated in mind, soul and body. The process is usually carried out by a combination of massages, treatments and sometimes meditations.

The Goodness Of a Spa resort

Since a spa chalet is meant as a retreat from the everyday stressful life, they are usually built in scenic, peaceful and naturally beautiful locations. The combination of the ambiance along with the spa treatments ensure that your body, mind and soul would be healed, relaxed, rejuvenated and refreshed. Different kinds of spa resorts have different kinds of treatments to provide complete relaxation. While some spa chalets would provide a combination of massage and meditation, others might offer only spa packages. But the goodness of a spa resort cannot be denied. You would have to visit one to know the difference it can make to your body, mind and soul.

Find the perfect spa retreat for re-energizing

With the concept of spa retreats sweeping the world, you would possibly find numerous spa chalets all over the world. But you would have to ensure that the treatments offered in a spa chalet would only do you good. Sometimes what a spa resort promises is not exactly what you get. A spa treatment if not done by a professional can do more harm than good and hence it is suggested that you find a good spa resort with good reviews such that you not only get what you pay for but actually feel the pleasures of visiting a spa resort. It does not necessarily mean that the expensive spa resorts would be better than the simple ones. Just be careful when you select your spa chalet that is all. Once you visit a spa resort you would know the difference it makes as well as why this trend is getting more and more popular with each passing day. A spa retreat is worth experiencing at least once in a lifetime for everyone worldwide.

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Why choose resort rental over hotels?

July 22nd, 2015

If you love traveling, you would know that when planning a vacation, it is as important to find a good place to stay as it is to find a proper place to visit. Even if you travel to a very interesting place but end up staying in a very poor quality hotel, your trip would be spoilt. The very simple reason for this is that you of course travel for pleasure, relaxation, and leisure and to escape the grinding as well as stressful everyday life. But if you stay at a bad hotel you would not be properly rested and your trip would be a disaster. You do not necessarily have to stay in a luxurious star hotel; instead you can choose to opt for resort rental.

Find affordable yet good quality resort for rental

Although the term exotic is usually associated with the word resort, it is a misconception that you cannot find an affordable resort rental. What you would need to do is look in the right places. For instance, if you are looking for a comfortable resort in Mont Tremblant, all you would need to do is take the help of the Internet to find a resort rental in Mont Tremblant. You would possibly find quite a few numbers of resorts for rental in Mont Tremblant. But make sure you are careful in choosing the resort you rent. Read online reviews of people who have already rented a particular resort and based on the reviews as well as on the resort meeting your requirements, choose one.

The things to look for in a good resort

There are mainly three things that you should consider when choosing an affordable resort rental and they are as follows:

  • Proximity of the resort to transport, restaurants and other necessities that you would need during your stay.
  • The amenities offered by the comfortable resort in Mont Tremblant. A good resort would offer all the basic amenities at least.
  • If the resort offers good value for money. Make sure there are no other resorts nearby that offers more at lesser price.

If you can find all the above in a resort that resort is worth renting in Mont Tremblant. Once you experience staying in a rented resort, you would never want to stay in a hotel ever again. You get all the luxuries and amenities of hotel at much lower price.

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Enjoy the extra vacant Mont Tremblant events

July 22nd, 2015

If you are planning a trip during the summer months, you cannot find a better place than Mont Tremblant. The Mont Tremblant events are the reason for this and you would surely have a vacation that you would remember all your life. The Mont Tremblant  events are extremely popular all over the world and it is no wonder that the streets are filled with tourists during this time of the year. However, you would not have to worry about places to stay in Mont Tremblant since there are ample available. You would find luxury hotels, resort rentals as well as cottage rentals in Mont Tremblant to make your stay comfortable as well as memorable.

Enjoy the events at Mont Tremblant

Regardless of whether you are traveling with your family or friends or all by yourself, there would not be a single dull moment for anyone during the Tremblant events. The events are of varied kinds and are held during the school break during the summer season. You can attend the outdoor DJ parties or enjoy the performance of guitarists and the kids in your family can enjoy the live story telling session with acts or ice slides. Mont Tremblant summer events transform the place in a bustling tourist spot with events that are enjoyed by both tourists and locals alike. This is something that you would have to experience to believe and it would surely be one of your best vacations ever. 

Book early to get a good place to stay

Although there are ample numbers of places available to accommodate tourists, it is still suggested that you book early during the Tremblant events to ensure that you get a good place to stay. You can choose to stay away from the center of all the activity, away from the hustle of Mont Tremblant events or you can also choose to stay at the middle of all the activities. You would find cottages for rental, resorts for rental as well as star hotels. But if you really want to feel the vibe of the place while enjoying the amazing events, it would be best if you stay in rented cottages or rental resorts. You would not only get all the amenities and luxuries of a hotel but also the comforts of home. 

Just make sure you choose your accommodation carefully and make your booking early on to avoid disappointment. 

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How to find a good rental cottage?

July 22nd, 2015
The concept of cottage rentals for holiday trips is slowly becoming more popular than staying in luxury hotels. It is like having a vacation home but without all the responsibilities and botheration of maintenance. Renting a cottage during a trip would provide you with all the comforts of your home in a foreign land. The best thing about cottage rentals is that you would have the peace and tranquility that would be missing in any hotels. The reason is that you would be all by yourself with your own group that would not be the case if you are staying in a hotel bustling with strangers.

How to find a good rental cottage?

The very first thing that you would need to do to find a good rental cottage is to search for the place where you would like to visit. For instance, if you need cottage rental Mont Tremblant, search with the place on the Internet. Mont Tremblant being a popular holiday destination, you would possibly find many cottages for rental. You next step would be to see the pictures of the cottages to find that ones that you like. However, it would be a mistake to blindly trust the pictures since the real cottage might be nothing like the pictures. You must trust the cottage rental reviews by people who have already stayed in the rented cottages. The cottage rental reviews would give you the clearest picture of what you can expect at the cottages. After reading through the reviews, you can contact the people responsible for renting out the cottages to complete your booking.

The myths surrounding cottage rentals

There are certain myths surrounding cottage rentals. For instance people like to believe that a cottage rental Mont Tremblant would be impractical since the cottage might not be appropriately spaced for the group they are traveling with. If you think so too, you should know that there are cottages of all sizes and hence you would surely find one that would suit your exact requirements. It is also a myth that cottages are all located in secluded places. While, it is the usual trend but you would also find cottages in middle of towns and cities. With the Internet providing with all kinds of information, do not believe in myths instead try staying in a cottage once. You would not regret it instead it would be unique experience. For more information you can contact us via phone 1-855-249-1371

Winter Cottages- A Home Away From Home

June 24th, 2015

When you plan a vacation, do you actually look for the comforts of the home in a hotel? Why don’t you instead look for the winter cottage rentals the next time around? The winter cottage rentals are a much better choice and option than the hotels. When you opt for the winter cottage rentals Ontario, you will not only get to live the luxurious lifestyle in a vacation cottage but also get all the amenities and facilities of the cozy comforts that the vacation cottages bring with it. Here is some myth that most people believe and keep themselves away from the winter cottages and instead choose hotels. If you become aware of these myths and also know about the myth busters, you can next time consider the winter cottage rentals Ontario when you are out there vacationing.

Myth 1: Hotels are more convenient than the vacation cottages

The key factor that makes the vacation cottages unique is the cozy comfort of the homes. The comfort levels offered by the vacation cottages are what make it great value for money. These vacation cottages are well furnished along with complete packages on kitchen equipments. That is the reason why, once you rent the vacation cottage, you will be able to enjoy the wifi, the games and everything that comes with the winter cottage rentals.

Myth 2: cottage rentals are for long term stay

Rentals are available for all times and schedules and there is no such hard and fast rule that they are only available for long term staying.

Myth 3: cottage rentals are away from the city

Cottage rentals are available everywhere, in the country side and at the heart of the town too. Wherever you want, you can choose the winter cottage rental and stay put to enjoy the luxuries that it has on offer for you.

Myth 4: cottage rentals are not clean

The vacation cottages are handled by any of the rental property management firm and thus it is imperative to say that they are spotlessly clean and tidy for staying purpose.

Myth 5: cottage on the picture doesn’t match the reality

Most of the cottage rental companies provide you with complete guarantee about the cottage that is in picture and in reality. They can also provide you with the external and the internal pictures of the cottage before you hire it for rental just to give you complete stress free mind before you go for your vacation.

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Things To Look For In Affordable Resort Rental

June 24th, 2015

If you are planning to hit the beach this summers, why don’t you ditch the hotels this time and instead choose the resort rental? A resort rental can offer you all the facilities and amenities of the hotel along with the cozy comfort of homeliness that too at the most affordable price. At the end of the day, you deserve only the best for yourself and your family and hence choosing the resort rental is just the perfect thing for you.

Luxuries to be considered

There are several affordable resort rentals available in different tourist destinations all over the world, Most of these resort rentals come with the kitchen, bathroom and the bedroom and all the kitchen equipments. They also sometimes offer great luxuries at the spacious and sprawling area within the resort. For instance, if you choose the comfortable resort in Mont Tremblant, you will get all the luxurious amenities of a five star hotel at really affordable pricing without breaking your bank or pocket.

The value for money

The second thing that you should consider while choosing a good resort rental is the overall value for money and affordable price. You have to understand however that quality of living and service comes with better pricing. Cheaper rates on the resort rental might not give you the same quality service as you would get with the luxurious resorts. Depending on your budget, you will definitely get a good resort rental with quality services and amenities. However, it just might not be something that you have been expecting all along.

Proximity from tourist places

The final thing that you need to look for in an affordable resort rental is the proximity of the resort from the city or the beach or the town, wherever you are staying put. It should be well accessible from all the tourist destinations that you would want to visit while on your vacation trip. The last thing that you should always keep in the back of your mind is whether the resort has a proven track record of good customer service all throughout. For figuring that out, you can always look for the customer reviews and the testimonials on the web about the resort and the quality of the services provided by their staff members. You would want to feel belonged to the resort when you rent it for your vacation or else every other amenity can fail to impress you.

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Things To Know About Spa Chalet Rental

June 24th, 2015
The spa chalet is no longer just a place to sleep after an entire day of skiing. It is now all about the most luxurious facilities and amenities, the high quality luxurious ski facilities catered with fine dining and excellent wine, indoor pools and the spa resorts etc. To the professional skier of the present day, the luxury and quality of the spa chalet go hand in hand. And thus when a discerning skier looks for a spa resort, he is most likely to look for the reputation of the chef of the spa resort, the quality of the wine served, the wide range of menu offered and also the size of the pool and the service of the chalet staff apart from the necessary facts like the location and the height of the spa resort, the record of the snow fall for skiing purpose etc. While there are still the traditional and the classic chalets in existence, there is a different league for the luxurious chalets too. The luxurious chalets come with the spa resorts, the gyms, swimming pools, the Jacuzzis and the private balconies and what not.

The size of the chalet

The size truly does not matter when it comes to the luxurious spa chalet. It can be a few hundred square meters in area. In it, 10 people can accommodate together. In fact, the ski accommodation varies according to the location. While in Europe, 800 square meter chalets are considered as large according to their standards; their American counterparts have spaces as large as 5000 square feet on the mountain side spa chalets. The money that you spend on such luxuries is also thus varied as far as the amenities are concerned. However there are also many chalet rental companies that make such spa chalet rental affordable and also somewhat realistic for the professional and the amateur skiers. The rental companies also ensure that nothing causes trouble to your stay at the spa resort and no minutest detail in your accommodation is overlooked. The service level and quality is extremely high and so is the real luxury provided by them. The best part of it all is that you can have your stay at the spa resort chalet without really breaking your bank or your pocket. At the end of the day, such a luxury is dependent completely on your individual requirement of luxury and can make your vacation the perfect reality that you have ever dream about.

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Events happening at Mont Tremblant in summer

June 24th, 2015

Are you planning to spend your summer time at the Mont Tremblant? Well, there is a lot of interesting things happening at the place and you should not miss them at any cost. You can choose the Mont Tremblant rentals for lodging as it is very affordable. There are almost never any extra fees charged for the extra number of people. It simply means there is complete transparency in the price structure and you only pay what you see. There is also lot of common space area so that you can gather together in the evenings for a good get together. In fact the private resorts or the rental homes allow you a lot more amenities than that of a luxury hotel.

Interesting Mont Tremblant events

When you plan for the trip to Mont Tremblant, there are big events that you can participate in. In fact the Mont Tremblant events are known all over the world for their spectacular shows. During the summer time and when the school breaks start, you can expect a lot of hot favorite Tremblant events for your entertainment.

As soon as the sun goes down the sky, Mont Tremblant will go through a spectacular transformation. If you have kids in your family, you can let them enjoy the ice slide that is located in the Place Deslauriers. You can also take them to the Des Contes Geants which offers live story telling in acts in the Pedestrian Village. There is also the snow maze which is particularly enjoyable by the children, located in Place des Voyageurs.

Some special Mont Tremblant Summer events

When you are in Mont Tremblant during the summers and have your teenager son with you, you would love them to go for the Mont Tremblant Summer events. Some such special Tremblant events include the Outdoor Parties that are hosted by the live DJs, the Guiter Hero Contests that are perfect for your Musician son. There are also several other Mont Tremblant events like the soccer and the Broomball, the mini Olympics and the Giant Flying Ball etc.

For you and your partner, as adults, you can enjoy the live performance of the singers in Chansonniers. There are also outdoor Fireplaces which are all spread across the village of Pedestrian. You can also use the outdoor skating rink for the curling and public skating and also take part in the ice sculptures in Mont Tremblant. In other words, your vacation will definitely be worth remembering.

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Book a Cottage Rental Keeping In Mind These Factors

June 24th, 2015

If you have not booked cottage rentals before, you must read this post to keep these things in mind before booking a cottage for your next vacation.


Even before you choose to search for those perfect cottage rentals; it is essential to make up your mind. You need to first decide on what you want and what facilities and amenities you are expecting from the cottage. For instance, you need to also figure out the space that you need in the cottage for your friends or family that are accompanying you in the trip. Next identify the budget for the cottage rentals and then look for them on the internet. This will help you in narrowing down your search.

Start looking for the cottage rentals with features

There are several listing websites on the web that can provide you with excellent cottage rentals and the deals associated with them. For instance, there is the cottage rental Mont Tremblant which attracts excellent reviews and testimonials from the vacationers. You should look for such cottage rental reviews before you confirm your rental period. That will help you in understanding whether the cottage will live up to your expectation.

Get in touch with the cottage owner

If you are planning to rent a private cottage for your vacation, you can get in touch with the private owner of the cottage. In case of other cottage rentals, you can get in touch with the rental company. Most of the owners and the rental companies have several screening procedures that will decide whether you are eligible for the cottage rentals.

You must also confirm to them about where you found the cottage deals and listings before they allow you the rental keys to the cottage. If you have researched well and are confirmed about the rental, you can go ahead for a discussion with the rental company or the owner about the cash deposit, the booking procedure and the cancellation of the booking just in case. Once all these facts are in place, you can go ahead with the booking of the cottage rental. Usually in cottage rentals, there is no such choice as a free breakfast. Once you choose the cottage for your rental, you need to sign the contract. Make sure to read all the terms and conditions on the contract paper before signing it so that there is no misunderstanding or a surprise for you later, once the vacation is over.

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