Cottage Renting Guidelines for Owners

With the economic decline many vacation home owners in Mont Tremblant have failed to sell their properties at their asking prices. Many home and cottage owners are opting to rent their properties to make a steady income and overcome the present economic conditions.

Cottage rental in Mont Tremblant is already a competitive market and with vast number of owners opting to rent out, the competition becomes even tougher. To compete effectively owners need to work hard to prepare their properties likewise and take a lot of responsibilities on their shoulders. Though a well presented and marketed property should not face challenges while attracting renters, owners should also work towards attracting off-season renters and try hard to convert enquiries into bookings.

Satisfying vacationers who wish to rent private properties is not an easy task since they have high expectations. Just a good location won’t work, you got to have laundry facilities, housekeeping services, up-to-date kitchen appliances, TV, phone connectivity, etc.

Following guidelines will help owners to understand the expectation of guests and prepare their properties likewise:

Choose the proper way of renting:

You need to prepare and market your property very well if you wish to have a good income from renting. You can either take help from agencies or can try your hand at marketing, advertising, search engine optimization, social media and website designing. If you are not confident enough, outsource the work to some good agency which is experienced in this field.

Hiring an Agency:

Agencies take care of the rental management processes and also help with maintenance to some extent. Marketing and advertising is also taken care of along with the finances and security deposits. Agencies have the capacity to target off-season traffic which increases income opportunities. Depending on the rental value of the property and the duration of stay, you’ll have to pay a certain amount of commission to the agency you’ve hired. Have a clear about their commissions before you hire an agency.

Rental Rate:

The rental rate has to be reasonable to maximize the income. You cannot ask for a huge amount for a sub-standard property. If you are asking for a high rental value, the facilities that you offer those should be up to the mark. You have to lower the rates during off-seasons since there would be too many options available and handful people who would be looking for such properties.

Being Customer-Focused:

Focusing on customer means offering superior services at competitive rates. Proper maintenance services, welcomes packages, concierge services will attract more visitors.

You know your property and its surrounding the best. So you’ll be the best person to portray the benefits of staying at your property and take advantage of the services compared to other Mont Tremblant chalet rentals.

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