Indulge in the Winter Events in Mont Tremblant

Mont Tremblant offers breathtaking views of sun-kissed mountains, sun-dusted landscapes and is known as the leading ski destination in North America. This place offers a myriad range of Mont Tremblant events for both summer and winter seasons. This makes it a four season destination and attracts tourists from all round the world. Mont Tremblant offers winter activities for members of all ages. The resorts offer winter activities close to its location or close to the mountain region. It is suggested that the tourists make planning prior to arrival if they want to indulge in the thrilling experiences of the Mont Tremblant winter activities. Since there is a lot of rush during the peak seasons it is good to make the booking well ahead of time. Some Mont Tremblant events that offer thrilling experiences during the winter season include:

Dog Sledding

Regardless of the age, this is a fun activity for everyone. Dog sledding in Mont Tremblant is an activity that few can experience. Start with harnessing the dogs yourself and bond with them. You’ll be given short lessons on how to control the team of dogs so that you have a safe journey.


An ideal winter activity in Mont Tremblant, you can try Ice-Fishing with your friends and family. An authentic Canadian pastime in winter, you use a line with a hook or spear to catch fish through a hole in the frozen Lake. All the equipments would be supplied to you, so you need not worry about them. Just go ahead and do some fishing!


For those who love to feel the adrenaline rush, ice-climbing is a must-try winter activity in Mont Tremblant. You’ll be taught the basics of ice climbing before you hit the mountain slopes. So go ahead and feel the thrill.

Cross-Country Skiing

Skiing is the most popular event in Mont Tremblant and if you are interested never forget to try the cross-country skiing. Skiing through the large trails of snow, you get a chance to challenge yourself!


If you are one that loves dance and its different forms, ice-skating is for you! Try out various dance moves and groove to your favourite music track. Don’t worry if you slip many times before you can stand steady, it’s all part of the fun! These are just a few of the many winter events that Mont Tremblant has to offer. Enjoy the snow and the thrilling experiences it can give you. Don’t forget to click pictures while you enjoy in the snow. Not just adventures you can try out horse riding, spa treatments, etc which are more soothing options. For more information you can call us 1-905-726-4546 or contact us via mail.

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