Misconceptions about cottage rentals

Planning a log trip this winter? Try winter cottage rentals instead of staying in a hotel. It would be a different and unique experience altogether. There are different misconceptions surrounding cottage rentals, but in reality staying in a winter cottage rentals would not only be cheaper than staying in hotels but it is much more comfortable and truly feels like a home away from home. In fact, if you are planning to visit Ontario, you should definitely opt for winter cottage rentals Ontario since this beautiful place is one of the most popular rental cottage destinations in the whole of Canada. And as far as the misconceptions regarding cottage rentals go, given below are the truths:

Misconception 1 – the cottages would not look like the pictures

Face it; do the hotels in reality look like the pictures they post on the Internet? Yes the real cottages would not exactly look like the pictures but the reviews of people would be helpful in deciding whether you would like to rent a cottage or not.

Misconception 2 – the cottages are in the middle of nowhere

You would get winter cottage rentals in rustic places, like in the middle of woods, beside a flowing river that is away from the hustle of the main town, but you would also get a winter cottage rental in between town. All you would have to do is look in the right places for the right kind of cottage.

Misconception 3 – cottages can only be rented for long terms

This is the biggest misconception people have. The fact is that winter cottage rentals Ontario is available for both long as well as short terms.

Misconception 4 – a cottage would not be able to accommodate the group

Whether you are traveling with a small group or a large one, you would surely find a cottage rental that would be fit for your space requirements. You might have to look a little but you would surely find one. The best thing about cottage rentals is that you can stay as per your own rules and enjoy the tranquility and peace that would not be present in a hotel. With all the benefits and the facts about cottages given above, why would you choose to stay in a hotel in Ontario instead of renting a winter cottage? Just try it once and you would know the difference for your self.

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