Winter Cottage Rentals Tips

Canadians are blessed with long weekends almost every month and it is a perfect reason to plan a getaway. Sitting in warm clothes with a cup of hot beverage in hand, you might be thinking of an ideal place to spend your weekends. Not too far from your home, you can plan an exotic weekend in an Ontario cottage rental property.

Away from the daily chores and workloads, a short weekend trip can be rejuvenating and relaxing and let you enjoy the pleasures that winter cottage rentals in Ontario have to offer. If you’re planning a romantic moonlit walk on the frozen lake and enjoy the aroma of wood smoke with stars glittering overhead, then a winter cottage rental Ontario is the place to be.

To make your stay pleasurable, you have to be prepared for everything while staying in a winter cottage. So here are some guidelines that’ll help you plan accordingly:

The Weather:

All winter cottages are well accessible by roads and receive snow plowing services on a regular basis from municipal or private sources. However, all the guests staying at winter cottages are advised to contract snow plow providers following major snowfalls, since plowing at your cottage may be delayed by several hours or days depending on the weather conditions. You won’t be liable for extra charges/ rent if you can’t departure on the planned date, due to lack of snow clearance. On the other hand, if you are unable to reach a cottage due to lack of snow clearance, the rental fee would be refunded to you.

Driving in the wintry conditions:

You should ensure that you vehicle is well equipped for driving in extreme conditions. Though most of the highways and roads are kept free from snow, some interior roads may have snow after snowfall. So if you are thinking of renting a winter cottage, be prepared to tackle the snow and 4WD and good winter tires are essential for your vehicle. Blankets, cell phone, snow shovel and flashlight are must haves.

Safety tips:

While spending a weekend in a winter cottage can be very exciting, you must keep some safety tips in mind.

  • While going for ice-skating, remember ice-covered lakes have to be prepared for that purpose, only then can you do skating.
  • Cloudy ice is not suitable for walking or driving. Only go on clear and thick ice.
  • Ice over running water is more unsafe than ice over still water.
  • Ensure you have enough warm clothes and supplies with you in case of vehicle mechanical failure or sudden whiteout.

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